Network Certification

This activity will measure the length of the cable, excess performance of the laid/pulled link cable (head room or margin), actual values of characteristic performance against limits it all should be. It is only an alert to the integrator to improve their methods of cabling, termination methods etc,.
Once submitted to the principal, 25 years Performance Certificate will be issued in return.
For example - 10 cables of same length from the Outlet to Jack panel, if laid in the same conduit will give more or less same performance with a constant margin. The same if pulled in different fashion, depend on the pull exerted to each cable will give different margin levels. This is totally a damage done by the Integrator to the cable supplied afresh.

Nowadays, many are deciding to the integrator doing the work at low rate. They can not have and maintain Certified Designers, Integrators and Certifiers in their role. They end up doing the work with real electricians resulting datum performance only.
If the customers look for Certified Integrator and Bicsi members, definitely the site will be of repute with quality.
We own in our roll, the certified Designers, Installers and Certifiers to make the site totally done to specification and standards.