UPS Electrical Solutions

Earth is the main saver of human from electrical and lightning hazards. There are slogans in the EB offices 'Lord Eman used to afraid of people using 'earth rods', while attending electrical breakdowns. Earth, some times the mud wall in the always save the people and electrical equipments

For the network and the systems to work safely, the power meant for systems and switches should be clean and un interrupted type. We assist in sizing the UPS capacity, design the Control DB, feeder cables and distribution DB and cabling systems. We have grounding solutions to obtain a smooth power from the UPS units.

Use of Isolation Transformers

The raw power, we draw from the public distribution system will be erratic and can not be used as such to the system units. To eliminate surges and dips carried by the power lines, a total isolation has to be established using properly sized Isolation Transformers. For the IsolTr to function to its purpose, two different cluster of grounding system should be separately to the Neutral and Earth pt of the IsolTr. Only then, the logic of using the IsolTr will be met.