Wireless Solutions

As part of wireless solutions, we provide 1. Outdoor - Secured Point to Point Wireless 2. Indoor - Secured Intelligent Wireless - No comparison to low cost solutions

Outdoor Wireless Solution:

It is a versatile product and more suitable to establish wireless connectivity, point to point RF line of sight connectivity even up to 8 kms. Data deliverability is 10Mbps of broadband category. It is outdoor type and immune to varied climate conditions. The elements are small and has small weight, can be fixed and made operative in lamp poles like heights. Links on either side plugged to the switch ports directly.

It is nice for Data, Surveillance and Long distance Voice solutions too.

It is one time cost effective solution unlike using Airtel/VSNL/BSNL wires on hire hectic.

Indoor Wireless Solution:

It is a secured Wi-Fi wireless product and more suitable to establish wireless connectivity for campuses, large or small halls and meeting. It is the solution that all Access points are centrally controlled by the Micro Controller. It is most suggested solution rather than controlling the activity of each access point.

It is rated as the best compared to all other wireless product including Cisco.

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